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Monday 31 March 2014

ISYS Document Scanner

During the recruitment process the Intelligent Document Checker scans the document and carries out checks on the UV images, infra-red, photos, MRZ (machine readable zones), paper type, ink used, font used etc to validate the passport's authenticity.

If there is a fail on any one of the checks, this is highlighted as a 'high risk' document and the recruitment process is postponed. This information is then stored electronically for future reference.

Once a scan has been completed, the software can produce a summary report, which shows the document information and all the checks that have been carried out.

The report can be printed out, emailed or saved as a PDF.

During the recruitment process HR and Health & Safety also:

• Carry out an RCS Induction
• Carry out a Health & Safety Induction
• Train on core skills


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