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We put our people first because we believe that if our employees are looked after then you will be too. We invest in our staff by focusing on training, staff welfare, staff retention and motivation. We also make sure that we formally recognise the contribution they make as a team to the development and success of our company.

We encourage all of our employees to be involved in our CSR initiatives – it’s a great way for all levels of the company to bond through a shared experience.

We continue to encourage an open dialogue with our clients as we strongly believe in the benefits to us as an employer, to our employees and to you the client of making the positive steps towards paying the Living Wage.

We are proud to be a Living Wage Supplier, recognising our commitment to paying the living wage wherever our clients’ budgets allow for it. As a minimum we guarantee that all Head Office, Management and Administrative staff are paid above the London Living Wage.

Paying the Living Wage is good for business, good for the individual and good for society providing the benefits of reduced absenteeism, increased staff retention, increased motivation, morale and productivity. As well as the obvious social impact of improving the personal lives of our employees.