50th Anniversary Balloon – A Surprise in the Sky

23 August 2019


50th Anniversary Balloon – A Surprise in the Sky

It is Regular Cleaning’s 50th Anniversary this year and we recently celebrated our success with our clients, employees and staff at our Family Fun Day celebration event. It was a successful day enjoyed by many and as patrons of CACT all of our donations received will go towards The Upbeats charity. Please keep your eyes peeled for the photos in the next few weeks!

Almost a week after our event, we were surprised to receive an email from a family in Sweden with the below caption and photo attached J

“This evening this lovely balloon came floating in the ocean towards us during our evening stroll. Now the kids are so curious if the balloon derives from your celebration or not?”

Carina from Halmstad on the Swedish westcoast

It turns out that our 50th Anniversary balloon had made its way over to the Swedish West Coast to greet this lovely family! We were amazed that it had survived the long ride and are extremely grateful to the family for sharing the photo with us and for taking the time to capture the moment.

In aid of sustainability, we would like to note that we did not deliberately let our balloon go – unfortunately this one escaped but it did indeed end up being a lovely Surprise in the Sky for all.

With special thanks to the family from everyone at Regular Cleaning.

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