Are you looking to create the perfect Christmas for your commercial space this year?

06 September 2022

The festive season is almost upon us and decorating your commercial space with a Christmas tree and decorations can be a great way to bring some festive joy into your working week. Locally sourced, forest fresh trees are a great choice to bring joy to your space this season providing a warm welcome to visitors and colleagues.


Our trees are all locally sourced to minimize carbon footprint and support our and your sustainability goals. After collection, our real trees are generally recycled by being chipped and used for grounds maintenance purposes e.g., turning them into mulch. Replica trees tend to be made from non-renewable plastics and petroleum-based products and are designed for re-use.


  • Keep your tree healthy and looking great to avoid having to replace it, causing unnecessary carbon emissions.
  • Maintain a supply of freshwater to the trunk which will help prolong the freshness of the foliage
  • Check there are no radiators or heat sources close to the tree, as if it gets too hot it will start to brown  
  • We always recommend mains powered lights if possible as these are brighter and more effective at making your Christmas tree sparkle
  • Make sure you check the tree you order will fit in the intended install area  
  • Order quickly to avoid disappointment or before your preferred tree is gone

Make this holiday season the brightest and best for years. Find out more here.

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