Black History Month at Regular Cleaning

30 October 2023

Celebrating Black History Month
We’ve been looking at inspirational poems and people this Black History Month.

To celebrate Black History Month at Regular Cleaning, we’ve been sharing some inspirational poems of people throughout history. These have been showing on the TV screens in our Service Support Centre each week to highlight the importance of this month.

We’ve also been getting together to share food from different cultures as a way to celebrate. This has included some West African inspired food from Nigeria, as well as dishes from Jamaica and other Caribbean countries. We know how powerful food can be to represent different cultures and bring people together, and it was great to get our teams together over a variety of cuisines from around the world.

Black History Month lets us recognise and celebrate invaluable individuals from around the globe. A month observing courage, rich cultures and diverse communities, this is an important time to honour the struggles and triumphs of people.

At Regular Cleaning, we celebrate diversity and encourage the celebration of different cultures. We care about creating a sense of community, and somewhere that people from different backgrounds can feel included and appreciated. It’s our goal to create better places and that means spaces that are diverse and kind.

We’ve spent this month learning about some of the important messages that have come out of this rich history. This is a good time to celebrate and learn about other cultures, but also to have important conversations around race.

Let’s take a look at our inspiration poems and people from this month:

  1. Fredrick Douglass by Robert Hayden

2. Five Haikus by Richard Wright

3. [up from the slobbery] by Harryette Mullen

4. Canary by Rita Dove

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