Boot Sale Fundraiser

02 April 2013


Edging ever closer to raising our target figure of £1,000 for the program, RCS are excited to be taking part in a car boot sale at Hewitt’s Farm on 7th April.

With £370 needed to hit our target, RCS have been encouraging a spring clean to unearth any unwanted goodies and our staff have responded magnificently.

Carl Krauhaus, CACT’s Disability and Mental Health Officer at the Trust, said: “RCS have, and continue to be, a fantastic Patron of the Disability and Mental Health strand and are always thinking of different ways to demonstrate their commitment.”

RCS are delighted that CACT have also been busy collecting items for the boot sale and look forward to our latest fundraising exploits alongside them bright and early on Sunday morning!

So come on down to Hewitt’s Farm in Orpington this Sunday for a boot sale bonanza and you may just find a hidden treasure…

Hewitt’s Farm
Court Road, A224
Orpington, Kent BR6 9BX

Gates open at 6am. We hope to see you there!

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