HomelessWise Training

10 October 2023

Homelesswise Training
What is HomelessWise Training and how can you access it?

The HomelessWise Training programme from St Mungo’s provides a practical guide on how to offer help to those experiencing, or at risk of homelessness. It’s not uncommon to see people sleeping rough on the way to work and not know how to help. HomelessWise training can provide the knowledge to overcome this.

These sessions are designed to educate audiences on issues surrounding homelessness, as well as how to approach or help anyone found rough sleeping. Being able to direct people found sleeping rough to local services is an invaluable skill, leading to people receiving the help and continued support needed to come off the streets for good.

Delivered by St Mungo’s, they will teach your business how to safely support people found to be sleeping rough. These sessions help staff around the building to feel more confident to approach and engage with someone.

This not only offers invaluable support and kindness to the individual, but also helps to protect the business’ reputation. When staff feel empowered to make informed decisions about instances of homelessness near their work, this helps to protect their brand while doing something practical and empathetic to end homelessness for good.

Drawing on 50 years’ of experience in the sector, these 90 minute sessions are trainer-led, interactive and encourage discussion. The training can be face to face or online and can also include bespoke content specific to the business needs.

This bespoke content can include:

  • Cost of living crisis
  • Health and homelessness
  • Women: rough sleeping & recovery
  • Housing challenges for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Race and homelessness
  • Environmental impact on rough sleepers
  • The working homeless
  • The international aspect
  • Operational element relevant to a specific sector, e.g. Housing First, Employing St Mungo’s clients, Managing rough sleeping around railway stations.

Having entered a corporate partnership with St Mungo’s earlier this year, we have seen first hand the amazing work they do to support those experiencing homelessness. HomelessWise is an innovative partnership between St Mungo’s and the business community, giving individuals the knowledge they need to be a part of helping to end homelessness for good.

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