Josie Charles’ Inspiration: Mary Seacole

19 October 2020


This month is Black History Month. We are continuing to celebrate the influences that Black History and culture has brought to our colleagues and community. Join us as we continue to educate ourselves; celebrate black talent, culture & history, and the ongoing fight for racial equality. 

Our Engagement Officer, Josie Charles, has shared her story of her inspiration, Mary Seacole:

Who is my inspiration?

Mary Seacole

How did they inspire me?

Mary grew up in Jamaica and travelled to England in 1854. She was passionate about helping those in need all of her life. During the Crimean War, she asked the War Office is she could go to help wounded soldiers who were fighting. She was told because of the colour of her skin, she wasn’t allowed. 

Her determination to help meant that she did not let this stop her. She raised money herself to travel to Ukraine and looked after hundreds of injured British soldiers. We all know about Florence Nightingale and the people she helped, but very rarely do we learn about Mary despite her incredible dedication to saving lives. 

What did they inspire me to Achieve?

I have always been a very caring person, so I relate to Mary in that I always strive to help improve people’s lives who are in need. She has inspired me to make sure that in everything I do I put my caring foot forward. She inspires me to fight for more black history within the education system, which I have been an advocate and campaigning for since I was in school. Her dedication and sheer determination reminds me that you can achieve anything you put our mind to, even if the odds are stacked against you.” 

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