London Living Wage – The Real Cost of Living

16 August 2019


We are delighted to hear the news that our Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed that all government departments should pay their cleaners a real Living Wage.

Via the BBC News, Premier League Football clubs have also been urged to pay all staff above minimum wage rate after spending £1.41 billion on players. It is said that only four out of 20 Premier League clubs are accredited by the Living Wage Foundation – please click here to view the full article –

As a recognised London Living Wage service provider, Regular Cleaning are committed to paying our cleaning staff the living wage that they deserve wherever our client’s budget will allow for it. As a minimum we guarantee that all of our Head Office, Management and Administrative staff are paid above the London Living Wage.

Regular Cleaning strongly believe that if our employees are looked after then our clients will be too. Paying the Living Wage is not only good for business but also good for the individual and society, providing the benefits of reduced absenteeism, increased staff retention, motivation, morale and productivity. As well as the obvious social impact of improving the personal lives of our employees.

We would like to thank those of our clients who have become a Living Wage Employer through us. We will continue to encourage an open dialogue with all of our clients, as we strongly believe in the benefits to us as an employer, to our employees and to our clients of making the positive steps towards paying the Living Wage.

If you would like to find out more information on the London Living Wage or how to become a Living Wage Employer, please visit –

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