New Sustainability Initiatives – Recycling Disposable Gloves and Plastic Recycling Boxes

09 August 2019


Regular Cleaning are extremely passionate about what we can do as a company to help improve the issues surrounding Sustainability.

We know that Sustainability doesn’t happen overnight – however if we start slowly and work together on this, we will be one step closer to a better sustainable future.

We are able to recycle a number of things that would otherwise go in to landfill. Please see below our new initiatives that we have recently implemented among our clients, employees and head office staff:

Recycling Disposable Gloves

Every year disposable gloves end up in landfill across the UK. Regular Cleaning are working to put an end to this enormous waste production and loss of resources.

We began by trialling the recycling of our used disposable gloves at 4 different sites over the past few months and are now starting to enrol the scheme across the majority of our contracts. As a company we use approximately 500,000 gloves per year, therefore this new scheme will be an extraordinary reduction in our contribution to plastics going to landfill and a fantastic start to something we are dedicated to reducing as much as possible. We would like to thank our colleagues who have helped us with getting this excellent new sustainability initiative rolled out, as well as our service provider Mayflower who are running this service for us.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with the figures on what we have saved from landfill! Watch this space!

Plastic Recycling Boxes

Another scheme that we have recently implemented are plastic recycling collection boxes. At our Regular Cleaning Head Office, we have plastic packaging bins to help to encourage our collegues to recycle, this can include:

Plastic packaging (anything not usually recyclable)

Our aim is to weigh our existing boxes before collection, ensuring that we keep track of our recycling record with regards to plastics removed from landfill.

This approach seems to have really taken off at Head Office as we have already overfilled our boxes! Going forward we have ordered a larger box, however we would like to thank our staff for embracing this new initiative so well. We feel that this will make such a positive impact on the amount that both we as a business, as well as individuals send to landfill.

We will of course keep you update on our progress!

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