Putting people first, launching our Wellbeing Room

16 February 2023


The wellbeing of our colleagues is vital to the health of our business and ‘Putting People First’ is one of four focus areas in our sustainable business strategy, which we call ‘Better Places’.

It’s been said we’re currently living in a ‘permacrisis’, and with an increasingly uncertain environment surrounding our everyday lives from energy prices to the cost of living, this turmoil can take its toll. So while at work we support colleagues wellbeing on many levels, under our ‘Putting People First’ focus, from being a Living Wage Recognised Service Provider to providing free flu jabs.

We’ve just launched our ‘Wellbeing Room’ for those colleagues who work in our Service Support Centre. This is a facility which provides physical private space, for those who need a brief digital detox for whatever reason. They may be anxious, unwell, or stressed with their day, and our Wellbeing Room is there to protect the health of the team if they need a moment of calm and quiet away from screens, enabling more even productivity levels over time.

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