RCS And The Guardian Show Their ‘Wild’ Side!

13 September 2011

Dina said: “Tom and I spent the day working with employees from The Guardian at Camley Street, in Kings Cross.

“We were split into three teams and each allocated tasks – digging holes for posts and concreting them, moving soil to fill raised beds and building planters for vegetables.

“The nature reserve is in an extremely built up area and is a pleasant place to spend time, especially for the many apartment and flat dwellers that do not have gardens.

“Many of the local schools bring groups of children to learn about growing vegetables and wildflowers.

“We all had an enjoyable and productive day working as a team, helping with some of the many jobs that need doing at the reserve.

“The team were able to see the work they had completed last year and I look forward to seeing the planters we built being full of vegetables next year.”

Tom said: “It was hard work but great fun and all done for a brilliant cause.”

RCS hopes to carry out more work in the London Wildlife Trust Reserves to help give the local communities somewhere nice to visit and spend time.

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