RCS Choose ‘Ibiza’

04 September 2012


The conversation took place between Jeff Conway, WJ King’s Group Sales Manager and Pauline Carrigan, the Deputy Chairman of Regular Cleaning Services and centred on the issues related to operating a fleet of vans.

Jeff Conway explained “The cost implications relating to operating a fleet of vans are significant and a solution was required. We took specialist advice and passed this to RCS.

“This allowed them to validate our information and consequently place an order for the 5 Ibiza Ecomotives.

“With its zero rated road tax and congestion charge exemption, the Ibiza Ecomotive is proving to be a big success. With the new Congestion Charge threshold to be implemented in 2013, an additional bonus will be that these vehicles with their low CO2 emissions are among a small number on the market that will be exempt.

“We are delighted that RCS chose WJ King and look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship with them.”

RCS Managing Director, David Sambrook said: “We have always supported a commercial vehicle fleet at the forefront of green technology, including dual fuel and petrol hybrids.

“With some vehicles coming up for renewal the company had been evaluating our options to secure the best balance between business practicality and responsible sustainability.” David continued, “the technology continues to move at a pace and the new SEAT Ibiza Ecomotives are right to the fore in this respect.

“Their highly efficient turbo diesel engines are helping us to use less fuel as they are delivering extremely high mpg figures. In addition, their low CO2 emissions are significantly contributing towards our continued drive to minimise our carbon footprint.”

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