RCS Help The Gracie-May Appeal

01 September 2010


Gracie, who is 3 years old has cerebal palsy and has been unable to stand or walk. Born three months premature, she spent the first 10 weeks of her life in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with her twin sister.

A trust was setup by Gracie’s mum, Mandy Fuller with the appeal raising money to give Gracie the chance of a life changing operation in America, which will help the youngster stand and walk on her own. RCS made a donation to the appeal which raised in excess of £40,000 and has since enabled Gracie and her family to make the trip to America.

The operation took place on 27th July and Gracie-May is having lots of physio and is make good progress on a daily basis.

Mandy Fuller said: “Thank you for helping us to reach our target of £40,000 to help our little girl Gracie.

“Your donation was gratefully received and without it we would not have reached our total in time for he operation on the 27th July.”

Terry Carrigan, RCS Chairman said: “When RCS discovered there’s an operation in America that releases the spasms in her back, allowing her body to start to heal itself, we just had to contribute.

“We received confirmation from Mandy that the operation has taken and all RCS staff wish her a safe journey and speedy recovering.”

For more information on the Gracie-May Appeal, please visit the website – https://www.treeofhope.org.uk/graciemayfuller/

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