RCS – Leading The Field In ‘Green Cleaning’

28 October 2011

RCS are now able to offer a full range of environmentally friendly cleaning products to meet most situations across its client base.

These innovative products from Innu-Science are comprised of biological actives that consume waste through natural aerobic digestion and uniquely, continue to work after initial application. They are 100% Ecolabel safe and because they come in a concentrated form this minimises the use of transport and packaging.

“We are committed to being a leader in the market place for sustainable cleaning. The research we undertook in this area has provided the comfort that, in selecting Innu-Science products we have further strengthened our contribution to sustainability, but also have added a product range which really works and provides effective results”, stated RCS Managing Director David Sambrook.

“We aim to install the Innu-Science system for all new contract start ups and the planned rollout of converting existing buildings to ‘green cleaning’ continues to gather momentum, allowing more of our clients to realise the benefits of an effective cleaning regime using environmentally friendly cleaning products.”

A further ‘green’ initiative has seen RCS staff involved in carrying out audits of all paper and plastic products supplied to around seventy buildings managed by its client, Jones Lang LaSalle.

David Sambrook confirmed: “We were delighted to record that we were already achieving 96% compliance in terms of environmentally friendly products, but where this was not the case the second stage of the process involved identifying environmentally friendly alternative products and together with providing cost projections allows the FM’s to make informed purchasing decisions in switching to the green options.”

To find out more about RCS’s commitment to ‘Green Cleaning’ and the company’s use of environmentally friendly cleaning products from Innu-Science contact David Sambrook on 0208 690 4488 or by e-mail at David.Sambrook@regularcleaning.com.

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