RCS Training And Development Awards

06 February 2014


RCS would also like to congratulate their cleaning operatives who successfully took part in a QCF Level 2 in Cleaning and Support Services qualification last year. There were 19 cleaning operatives and supervisors who took part, 11 of which have been awarded with their certificates; the remaining 8 will be awarded shortly. We now have a total of 179 cleaning operatives and supervisors signed up for the QCF qualification, with more to be enrolled over the coming months. 

We would like to congratulate the following cleaning operatives and supervisors on achieving a QCF Level 2 qualification in Cleaning and Support Services:

Carlos Alberto Tabares Medina
Edwin Patricio Lagos Pozo
Jorge Armsendariz
Nidia Anabela Guerrero Alarcon
Romulo German Rosalesguamanzara
Jennifer Andrea Artieda Villacres
Rodolfo Holguin
Samsul Islam
Maria Guerrero Alarcon
Joanne Fitzgerald
Marmun Sardar

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