Recycling vs Reusing

11 September 2019

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Aside from Recycling – what about Reusing plastic instead?

At our Regular Cleaning Head Office, we have an Innuscience dosing station onsite which means that not only are we able to recycle our Innuscience bottles, we are able to reuse them as well! Our Cleaning Operatives collect any empty bottles onsite, whilst our Supervisors and Contract Managers return them to our Stores department for refilling. This reusing process works wonders for us and it also helps us to reduce the overall amount that we recycle!

Our priority is to look for ways in which we can eliminate or at the very least reduce the impact the delivery of our services has on waste streams. Please see below the waste hierarchy that we follow at Regular Cleaning:

  • Prevent
  • Minimise
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

We aim toprevent the creation of waste in the first instance – via the use of paperless systems.

We minimise the introduction of materials where an alternative is available – our cleaning product dosing stations minimises the volume of plastic bottles required.

We reuse plastic cleaning product bottles – they are collected from sites, cleaned and refilled before being redistributed.

Where reusing isn’t possible, we will always source solutions that will allow us to recycle – we have recently devised a system to be able to recycle all disposable gloves used as part of the safe delivery of cleaning services, ensuring that gloves don’t enter a buildings waste stream – please click here to find out more about our Disposable Gloves Scheme via TerraCycle – These strategies ensure that we have minimal impact on the volume of waste requiring disposal.

The photos above show some of our empty cleaning bottles ready for refilling, plus our onsite dosing station. If you would like to find out more information on Innuscience or our reusing process, please feel free to contact the Commercial Team at

Recycling is the future, Reusing is the next step!

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