Round Up: Reflecting on Thank Your Cleaner Day 2023

03 November 2023

Reflecting on Thank Your Cleaner Day
We’re reflecting on Thank Your Cleaner Day and the feedback we’ve received.

As October came to a close, we took a moment to look back at this year’s celebration of Thank Your Cleaner Day. We want to reflect on the feedback we’ve received from colleagues and how this has initiated important conversations around our benefits and rewards.

Thank Your Cleaner Day is a celebration of the hard work that cleaning teams do to contribute to business success. Their often invisible role is vital in maintaining clean, healthy, and inspiring environments that are ready to use each day.

This year, we aligned Thank Your Cleaner Day with our core value to ‘Make a Difference’ for our colleagues. This day let us spend some time with our valued cleaning colleagues and celebrate their ongoing hard work. We seized this opportunity to engage with our cleaning teams, explain our benefits package, and most importantly, listen to their feedback.

Our aim was to understand how our colleagues are utilising our benefits and how we can enhance awareness and relevance. By taking the time to listen to the challenges our colleagues face in their work, we’re working on strategies to better support them and make improvements.

We’ve had some truly inspiring conversations with colleagues and received an outpouring of support and feedback. We’re now taking steps to change and enhance our colleague rewards as a result of their input. Our priority is that all teams feel valued at work, with rewards and benefits that are relevant to them.

We’re incredibly proud to see our values in action every day, and we’re committed to continually supporting our colleagues. Thank you to our remarkable cleaning teams for all that you do. Together, we’re building a brighter and more sustainable future.

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