Teamwork – The Joy Of Sharing

03 December 2012


This innovative scheme is in operation at Aldworth House from Monday to Thursday

Five green car share/car parking spaces have been mapped out in the car park and, from Monday to Thursday, participants at head office are using public transport, cycling, sharing transport to and from the office, or sharing a car parking space. Friday is designated as a ‘free day.’

Since the scheme started in September the participants have achieved a 508.43 Kg reduction in the company’s indirect carbon footprint.

RCS HR Manager, Gemma Bowers said: “The scheme has been a great success and we’re delighted by the way that RCS staff have supported the car share/car space scheme.

“We can measure the positive impact a reduction in car use has on the environment and we will continue to encourage initiatives like this which demonstrate how small changes can make a difference.”

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