Thank Your Cleaner Day – 18 October 2023

18 October 2023

This day recognises the hard work of those that make our business a success.

Thank Your Cleaner Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the hard work our colleagues do to provide a consistently high quality service. We care for our colleagues every day by offering a competitive benefits package, holistic training and wellbeing support. This day lets us not only offer a token of appreciation but also provides us with the opportunity to spend time together. 

This year we’ve aligned Thank Your Cleaner Day with our core family values to ensure we ‘Make a Difference’ for our colleagues. We’re taking the opportunity to explain our benefits package to our colleagues and ask for feedback on these. We hope that this shows us how colleagues are using our benefits, and how we can increase awareness of them. We’ve also taken time to listen to the challenges our colleagues face when undertaking their work. Our aim is to build strategies to support them better and make improvements where needed.

The 18th October is all about our cleaning teams who are the backbone of our business and help us to make a difference every day.

Working hard to keep the spaces we visit enjoyable, this often invisible job is crucial to maintaining healthy, inclusive and inspiring environments. Our skilled cleaning teams are onsite each day to ensure that work and living spaces are ready to use. This is sometimes outside of normal working hours so that buildings are clean, hygienic and ready to use for the next working day. 

Our cleaners are trained to be confident and approachable so that they can engage with visitors to the spaces they clean. It’s this that makes our teams special and an integral part of the environments they work in. We know that our team contribute to how visitors experience these buildings.

That’s why we celebrate Thank Your Cleaner Day. We want to put the spotlight on our amazing cleaning teams, and champion the work they do.

Making a Difference – Bottle Made Blue

Our leadership team have been out and about this month, meeting and thanking our colleagues for their continued hard work.

Bottle and Flyer

To show our thanks, we wanted to give our cleaning colleagues a little something. This year, we’ve gifted them with a sustainable water bottle as a gesture of our appreciation.

These environmentally friendly bottles are recyclable, reusable and dishwasher safe, putting an end to packaged water. We’ve placed a flyer with a message of appreciation in each one and hope our our colleagues enjoy the gift.

In true Regular Cleaning spirit, this gift also delivers positive social value to communities in need.

For each bottle given out, Made Blue provides 500 litres of clean drinking water to a community in need. This equates to one child from a developing country having access to clean drinking water for six months or more.

With close to 1000 charity bottles gifted this Thank Your Cleaner Day, that’s closing in on half a million litres of water donated by us on behalf of our colleagues. 

This makes a huge difference to communities around the globe, supporting our sustainable business strategy to create better places. A simple way to show our thanks, while supporting our sustainability targets and reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles.

Putting People First

As front line workers, our cleaners are an essential part of keeping the spaces we visit safe to use. It’s important to ensure cleaners feel appreciated and valued at work, and we hope that our gift does exactly this. Our priority is to be not only a great employer, but an employer that makes a difference. For us, this means listening, receiving feedback and making any changes needed.

This has been a great opportunity to say thank you in person and hear any feedback our colleagues might have. As a business that values a personal service and lasting relationships, we relish the opportunity to show our appreciation to our hard workers.

Thank Your Cleaner Day is celebrated worldwide, recognising the hard work that cleaners do. Our company has achieved so much as a result of our cleaners and the care they put into their work. By providing a personal service, caring about the job, and building relationships with clients, our colleagues make a difference in their job every day. We’re so proud to see our values demonstrated each day our cleaners come to work, and know it’s this that makes our business a success.

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