Thank Your Cleaner Day – Karcher Makes A Difference Award 2019 Winners!

16 October 2019


Regular Cleaning are proud to once again celebrate Thank Your Cleaner Day 2019.

Thank Your Cleaner Day is a global initiative for businesses all over the world to recognise the hard work of cleaners and to let them know they are valued and appreciated. Hundreds of our cleaners work day, night and weekends to keep our working and living environments clean, safe and hygienic – yet are often undervalued.

Congratulations to the team of champions at The Pavilions in Uxbridge who have been recognised for their hard work with the Karcher Makes A Difference Award. The team have gone above and beyond to not only complete their duties but to assist anyone who needs it.

The Pavilion’s Centre Manager, Aaron Bayliss, was the individual to nominate the team for their commitment and determination. 

“I am overjoyed. When I received the call it was a complete surprise. I couldn’t be happier they won, because they really do deserve it. It is great for the team to receive this recognition and celebrate in their own way.

When Regular Cleaning first told me about the Thank Your Cleaner Day I thought it was a brilliant idea and was so glad to be involved. We have many competitions that we like to enter the teams at the Pavilions for, however, sadly, cleaning is never an option and it’s rather disappointing because they play such a key part in everyone’s business.

I want the team to celebrate their efforts as they are the best cleaning team I have ever experienced. They deserved to win the overall award and I look forward to seeing them celebrate together.

Working with Regular Cleaning has been a great benefit; everything is always running smoothly with every aspect in the company. Each member of the Pavilions team are so different and always give their own personal touch when working together or helping others.” – Aaron

We spoke to Eugenio Marques, the Site Supervisor and Diana Comaneci, the Site Manager, from the winning team about how they felt about achieving the award.  

Eugenio had just come back from holiday so everything to him was a fantastic surprise and he was extremely happy to be recognised for their hard work and dedication to their services. Eugenio always strives to be the best he can be and is grateful that this doesn’t get taken for granted. He really enjoys working with his team, as they are all so different, and they all support each other to the best of their abilities. They will always be there for each other to give motivation and support when needed.

“It’s so nice to get such praise: it makes you feel like you and your jobs are very important.” – Eugenio

Eugenio was very excited to win the £1000 prize and for everyone to see what a great team they are.

“Working for Regular Cleaning has always shown that no one is more important than the next and they will always try and help the best they can with training and support, so we can gain the knowledge we need.” – Eugenio

Diana loves coming to work, she never gets up in the morning dreading for the time to come when she has to start, because every day is different.

“When we were told about winning the overall prize, it was so overwhelming because nobody was expecting it at all. To win the £1000 in red letter day activities means it would be a great opportunity for all the team to spend the time together.

I have been working with the majority of my team for roughly 5 years. They are loyal, amazing team players, with never any fuss, and we have built huge trust over the years – I am so lucky to have them. I enjoy working with everyone and couldn’t be happier with all their dedication and hard work. I like that it is not only myself but my team that are always made to feel appreciated. They get the recognition they deserve from not only Regular Cleaning, but also the management at The Pavilions. A thank you will always make a big difference to somebody’s day.

Regular Cleaning are one of the best companies I have worked for, and no manager or director is ever too busy to help us with our issues. I am lucky to be part of such a loyal company.

The smallest of things can make the biggest difference.” – Diana

On behalf of all the staff at Regular Cleaning, we would like to thank all our amazing cleaners for the hard work they do for us and our clients – and a huge congratulations to the team at The Pavilions; we know you will all continue to make a difference. Thank you!

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