The Charlton Upbeats Christmas Party

16 December 2013


Pauline and Zoe spent time with the Upbeats playing games, dancing, opening presents and getting to know them and their relatives. To the delight of the Upbeats, Charlton players came to visit them as did Charlton Athletic’s mascot, Floyd. Pauline and Zoe had a lovely surprise when they were presented with a framed shirt signed by the Upbeats to thank RCS for all of their support. The Upbeats clearly had a great day as Charlton Athletic struggled to get them off their pitch during halftime!

Pauline said: ‘Meeting the Upbeats and their relatives enabled me to gain an understanding of how this community project adds value to the lives of those involved. Spending some time with the Upbeats was truly enlightening and I am looking forward to seeing them train in the New Year.’

Zoe said: ‘Spending time with the Upbeats was a fantastic experience. They were so much fun and I am so happy that I was able to get to know them individually. They are all so happy and have so much character, it was a pleasure to spend my afternoon with them.’ 

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