UhUb Goes Live!

29 March 2019


Regular Cleaning go live with UhUb!

Friday 29th March 2019 at 4pm is the day that Regular Cleaning launches on their UhUb journey.

UhUb quoted: ” Its been an interesting mobilisation run up with Regular, working with them to create some new features ready for launch, such as the new Historical Report tool which uploads all their historical training reports into UhUb, as well as adapting and improving our mobilisation process with additional Site Manager and Supervisor Training. We did this very early in the process and saw fascinating and immediate results, even weeks prior to launch. #removethefear #beatenbyyourdad

Over the coming weeks and months we will release even more tools, created with Regular as an influencer, that will benefit the whole UhUb Client Community, and they are a key part of the ‘Back on Your Feet’ social project which is aimed at helping the homeless into work and on a stable track. We are very excited to see what this relationship brings, and what good it does on a social scale. Welcome aboard the Regular team, we know you will be setting some new standards! “

What do our clients say?