Work Experience at Regular Cleaning

24 July 2023

We recently had two brilliant Work Experience colleagues join us at the Regular Cleaning offices. Oscar and Charlotte provided some amazing help to our teams and got a feel for what it’s like to work at our Service Support Centre.

I’m Oscar Rae, a sixth form student from Langley Park School for Boys and I recently completed work experience at Regular Cleaning.

It was an amazing experience in an American Office-like environment. We had a fun Pride Quiz to celebrate Pride Month, like in the popular sitcom show. However, the environment was also very focused with lots of work getting done.

Three words I would use to describe my time at Regular Cleaning are entertaining, meaningful, and valuable. On Monday and Tuesday, I was given the task to design three posters. One was for Stress Awareness Month and the other two were for their Coffee Morning for Cancer Support. This was enjoyable and let me be creative, but also made me work my brain on the structure and content.

I also made five front covers for the Regular Cleaning managing courses. The later end of the week, I helped make the video for the Manager’s Pathway and monthly newsletter for June. These were fun projects to work on, however even more challenging and time consuming as the video took two days to complete. This was up my alley as it links to my hobby of making videos on social media.

The newsletter was probably the hardest. It required me to read and condense information about what happened during the month in a specific structure. To overcome this, I asked questions to the team to help how I would structure it and how they want me to shorten the information.

Overall Thoughts

When I arrived I was unsure what career I wanted to pursue, but a week with the team confirmed that I want to go into media.

The atmosphere was very relaxed but also very focused. Whilst everyone would have laughs with each other, they completed all their work diligently. This really helped me stay motivated without getting bored and helped calm my nerves in the first days in the office.

The team I stayed with over the week were all very kind and guided me through the week, giving me lots of useful tips and help on tasks I found tricky.

Overall, it was good work experience, and it has made me look forward to working life

My name is Charlotte Buller, I am currently studying my A-levels at The Leigh Academy in Dartford.

The subjects I chose to focus on include French, Global Politics and Social and Cultural Anthropology. I chose these topics in order to maintain a more varied range of education. This variety keeps my options open for the future as I am yet to decide which career path I would like to follow.

I am however sure of my plan to go to University. The overall university experience has always appealed to me, allowing me to further my studies alongside the social experience. More recently, I have also become interested in the option of a degree apprenticeship. This would mean I could work in an office environment and further my studies at the same time.

Completing work experience at Regular Cleaning gave me a taste of what day to day life in an office is like. Upon arrival I was greeted by the team who were all extremely welcoming, and given a tour of the building. This included a well-being space which I found to be an additional amenity. To gain an insight into the expected tasks of a Development and Well-being Administrator, I was able to log into the account of a colleague that I was working alongside. 

I also created an advert for the company, testing out techniques that would appeal to potential clientele which I found really enjoyable. I was shown beforehand different templates which is what inspired my finished result.

Overall Thoughts

Throughout the week I moved around the different departments so that I could experience the multiple fields of office work. This was extremely helpful as it will impact my decision regarding jobs in the future.  By using platforms such as Uhub, I completed several admin tasks and with help, quickly got the hang of things.

The help that I received from the team was continuous throughout the week. I was supported  through each task and did not feel afraid to ask any questions – both work related and not.

My overall experience at Regular Cleaning Office has led me to look forward to working life in the future. I hope to find an office with similar morals and structure when I have completed my final years of education.

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