A Sustainable And Successful Approach

26 June 2012


After extensive trials, last year RCS pioneered the use of Innu-Science’s “green cleaning” products and now offers its customers an effective cleaning regime which utilises a range of ‘green products’ which demonstrate very high levels of efficiency and which present no harm to operatives, office workers or the environment. In addition, by using site-based dilution centres and the company’s own bottling plant in Lewisham, RCS are actively recycling the spray bottles. This approach will potentially save 15,000 plastic bottles from going to landfill sites this year.

Green Energy

In keeping with the company’s nomination as ‘Best Green Business’, RCS are delighted to confirm that it has switched its electricity supply to the only company that provides power from 100% renewable sources. The Company are currently investing in the updating of its vehicle fleet and is halfway through changing to some of the most efficient and carbon friendly options available on the market today. This will mean that, by the end of the year, RCS’s entire commercial fleet will be operating in vehicles producing less than 100g/km of CO2.

Client Confidence

As part of its sustainability strategy, RCS has encouraged its clients to consider cleaning during office hours. This can save on lighting, improve trust and security, and raise the perception and satisfaction of the cleaning service with the office staff. The company are therefore delighted to have been offered a brand new three year contract with Guardian News and Media.

As part of this arrangement RCS were asked to convert the operation from part-time early morning cleaning to using solely full time employees who would be carrying out much of the cleaning during normal business hours. The Guardian is a recognised leader in sustainability and by opting for “day cleaning” has been able to welcome cleaning operatives earning full-time wages and gaining recognition as part of their own working team. This approach has also led to savings in the contract’s labour costs and reduced their out- of- hours energy requirements.

In addition to signing a new contract with the Guardian; RCS are also pleased to confirm that it has retained the contract for the UK’s Money Advice Service in Holborn after a competitive tender and has been offered a proposal for a two year extension on the company’s contract with Broadgate Estates for MidCity Place , the prestigious multi-tenanted office complex in Holborn.

Finally, RCS has also negotiated a brand new contract with RSA, based at Plantation Place. As part of the discussions RCS reached agreement on raising the staff wage rate to the LLW (London Living Wage) of £8.30.

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