Employee Satisfaction Programme

05 June 2017


“We put our people first – we believe if our employees are looked after, then you will be too. We invest in our staff by focusing on training, welfare, retention and motivation. We also make sure we formally recognise the contribution our people make to the development and success of our company”

Review of Applied Socio- Economic Research (REASER 2013) compared financial resources to human resources. They found human resources has the capability to create a competitive advantage for their organisations. With our employee turnover better than the national average at 77%, We have an advantage over our competitors.  The research pointed out that employee performance depends on a large number of factors, such as:

  • Motivation
  • Appraisals
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Training and Development and so on

According to Kalimullah (2010) an employee who is motivated often aligns his/her goals with those of the organisation and directs his/her efforts in that direction. As our employees continuously look for ways to improve their work, our clients benefit from a quality service and a fantastic relationship management system evident from the testimonial below:
British Arab Commercial Bank – Steve Cook, Facilities Director          
“Regular Cleaning have regularly tendered for the Banks Cleaning of our prestigious premises over the last 30 years and have continually been incredibly competitive against their industry competitors and maintained excellent standards too!”
Our employee satisfaction programme:

  • London Living Wage

We are an accredited Living Wage Supplier, recognising our commitment to paying the living wage wherever our clients’ budgets allow for it. As a minimum, we guarantee that all Head Office, Management and Administrative employees are paid above the London Living Wage.

  • English Language Course

As “the UK cleaning industry relies on migrant labour more heavily than other economic sectors, with 24% of workers having a non-UK nationality, compared to the average of 18% across other industries” (British Cleaning Council 2016).

We provide free beginner and intermediate English Language courses for our Operatives who want to further improve their English Language skills. We run group sessions where Operatives are taught in small groups of no more than 12 people. The lessons run over an 8 week period with a certificate of completion.

  • Succession Planning

We discuss and implement a Personal Development Plan for all employees and use these for succession planning. We believe in promoting employees from within the business and we use our learning and development plans to help us achieve this.

  • The WOW! Awards

We became a part of The WOW! Awards organisation in February as part of our commitment to employee welfare and recognising the high level of customer service our employees demonstrate. Our clients and/or colleagues can nominate Regular Cleaning employees when they feel an individual has exceeded expectations. The scheme promotes a working environment where our employees feel valued as they are recognised for their commitment to our customers. When an employee is nominated for a WOW! Award, the organisation judge whether the nomination deserves a certificate. If the employees are awarded a certificate, they are entered into a national competition to win a national award. The WOW! Awards has given us the perfect platform for our company and our customers to acknowledge our people doing things right. We are now able to easily communicate how proud we are of our employees for delivering our core company values and celebrate the work they do.

The Cleaning Sector has a reputation of a low employee retention rate. We are very proud of our employee rentention rate of 77%. We believe that our family ethos and employee satisfaction programme is the key aspect in our excellent retention of employees compared to other cleaning organisations.

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