Lean, Green, Cleaning Regime

10 November 2010


Most of us believe that taking the green cleaning option helps preserve the environment.  But choosing a green product is just the first step. True sustainability takes the full lifecycle approach which starts with renewable resourcing, looks at the amount of energy used in the product’s creation, its distribution to point of usage, its efficiency of use and its ultimate disposal.

The problem is that very few green products can claim to be sustainable and many are simply ineffective as cleaners.

After extensive trials, RCS can now offer its customers an effective cleaning regime entirely utilising a small range of green products which demonstrate very high levels of efficiency and present no harm to operatives, office workers or the environment.

The products originate as biological actives found in the soil. Through a natural degradation and purification process they will continue to break down and digest waste hours after application. They are supplied in a high concentrated form, in predominantly recyclable packaging so minimising both distribution mileage and waste.

The RCS sustainability strategy also encourages clients to consider cleaning during office hours. This can save on lighting, improve trust and security, and raise the perception and satisfaction of the cleaning service with the office staff.

Experience gained from recent pandemic scares has taught us that by scheduling frequent cleaning of common touch points during the day, we can greatly reduce illness through crosscontamination, thus improving the sustainability of the building.

It provides further benefits for the cleaning staff who are better able to identify with the business and enjoy improved family friendly lifestyles.

While accepting that this concept will not suit every situation it is one more option on the route to reducing our carbon footprint.

David Sambrook, Managing Director of Regular Cleaning Services

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