Our Electric Vehicle Fleet Grows

29 January 2024

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Continuing our journey towards Net Zero.

As our sustainability ambitions grow, so does our electric vehicle fleet. We’ve committed to a Net Zero target and are investing in our business to help us to meet this goal.

We working to be a Net Zero business by 2030 and aim to transition to having a fully electric vehicle fleet by the year 2025 as an objective in line with this. This will support our overall target of reducing our carbon footprint and leading the way for businesses in our field.

We began this transition towards more sustainable electric vehicles in 2019, when we started moving away from petrol and diesel vehicles towards more environmentally friendly electric vehicles instead. We continue to build a more sustainable fleet and have acquired four new electric vans to support the growing demands of our in-house Vertical and Specialist Cleaning teams.

There are several reasons for doing this, including reducing pollution and not contributing to poor air quality or noise pollution in the built environment. As a people and planet focused business, our priority is to protect human health and the health of our communities.

Regular Cleaning’s electric fleet comprises 65% of all current vehicles, with plans to transition to a fully electric fleet by 2024-2025. All our electric vehicles are powered by fully renewable energy sources with guaranteed REGO certificates. This eliminates the use of fossil fuels and hybrid vehicles, enhancing the sustainability of our service.
The remainder of our fleet is all hybrid electric plug in, and we have eliminated all diesel powered fleet from the business.

This latest investment in our electric fleet aligns with our ZeroBy30 strategy and will save around eight tC02e per year. We are therefore actively reducing our emissions through this decision to continue to move towards 100% electric vehicles.

Sustainable Operations

Our electric fleet isn’t the only large investment we’re making in the sustainability of our business. We operate from a sustainable Service Support Centre where we recently invested in a building refurbishment to transform our space.

This refurbishment included the removal of our gas supply and switching to using renewable energy instead. This included the installation of improved insulation and heat recovery systems, extending the life of the building. We are also moving towards paperless operations in the field and utilising public transport where appropriate. This is all linked to our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Our business strategy and decision making is underpinned by a relentless drive to push sustainability at every opportunity. We are committed to be NetZero by 2030 and have a clear roadmap in place to achieve this. Not only will this enhance the sustainability of our business, but also our clients’ and service partners’ own sustainability ambitions.

Understanding the impact of our operational changes helps us build a picture of our carbon footprint from the bottom up. In this way, we can begin to provide details on our carbon footprint for clients and service partners, through for example, property level reports. We are ahead of the curve on our sustainability journey moving beyond just public commitments, to taking positive action and sharing our knowledge.

The growth of our electric fleet is just one of the many ways that we are actively enhancing our sustainability. We are proactive in reducing our carbon footprint and doing good for our local environment and community at large.

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