QCF Level 2 In Cleaning And Support Services

01 July 2014


Those who have been awarded certificates so far are: 

Senga Lukombo
Platini Bunza Lukenene
Wilfredo Piedra Ochoa
Kabasele Mulanga
Jaqueline Escobar Baron
Isabel Gonzalez Toro
Isabel Pires Veloso
Silvia Arauz

Carlos Tabares
Edwin Lagos Pozo
Joanne Fitzgerald
Nidia Guerrero Alarcon
Rodolfo Holguin Barona
Jorge Armendariz Egas
Jennifer Artieda Villacres
Mamun Sardar

Samsul Islam
Romulo Rosales Guamanzara
Maria Guerrero Alarcon
Cecelia Elizabeth Proano Martinez
Harold Parra Cardenas
Egle Jusinskiene
Frederik Kwaku Ansong
Juan Carlos Ramirez Yepes                       

Patricio Lagos, one of our employees who took part in the QCF course, said that he will ‘carry out his work in a more efficient and orderly way’ because of what he learnt from the QCF course and many have reported that they now feel more confident in their work.

If you work for RCS and would like to take part in the QCF, please contact gemma.bowers@regularcleaning.com or call on 020 8613 9702.

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