River and Foreshore Cleanup with Thames21

21 June 2024

Thames Clean Up

We’re thrilled to share the success of our recent river and foreshore cleanup event, in partnership with environmental charity Thames21. In May 2024, we joined forces with our client, Cushman & Wakefield, to make a positive impact on our local environment.

Thames21 is at the forefront of improving rivers for people and wildlife, and we’re proud to be part of their mission. Through volunteering efforts, the charity works in partnership to make improvements to rivers across Greater London. This includes adding woody material to rivers to create new habitats for wildlife, creating wetlands to tackle flooding, controlling non-native invasive species, and introducing reedbeds to filter pollutants. This ultimately enhances local environments and biodiversity.

During our cleanup event we took action to remove harmful rubbish from the river and foreshore. Guided by the expertise of Thames21 staff, we not only beautified our surroundings, but created a safer and healthier habitat for both people and wildlife.

Through this event, we learned about the various threats our rivers face. From single-use plastics polluting our waters, to sewage and water quality issues, there are several issues facing our rivers today. Importantly, we gained insight into what we can do to address these issues head-on.

As part of our Better Places strategy, we aim to protect our world for future generations. This event perfectly aligns with our commitment to creating cleaner, more sustainable environments.

A big thank you to Thames21, and all our clients and colleagues who participated! Together, we’re making strides towards a cleaner, greener, and healthier world. Let’s keep protecting our planet, one cleanup at a time.

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