Supporting St. Mungo’s Digital Inclusion Programme

27 October 2023

St Mungo's Training
Sharing knowledge to better the prospects of others.

As part of our partnership with St. Mungo’s homelessness charity, we were recently invited to support their Digital Inclusion Programme at one of their Community Hubs. Here, they provide training for those in their care who are keen to learn digital skills. This includes equipping clients with the skills which most of us have learnt as technology advances

Some of our team volunteered to run an Email Workshop for the Hub, joined by some St Mungo’s facilitators. The session was a huge success, seeing several St Mungo’s clients joining and running for most of the afternoon.

The nature of these sessions means that we can interact with clients directly, with participation both online and in person.

While there were differing levels of knowledge amongst the group, it was amazing to see interaction with the session. We were thrilled to see that clients were interested in what we had been asked to teach.

Supporting our Communities

Homelessness is a complex issue, and often reading about the challenges or issues homelessness causes paints a simpler picture than reality. Meeting and hearing from clients directly in this session, we saw first hand how rewarding it is to have help them learn new skills. The success of the session and positive engagement meant that we left feeling warm and positive.

The session gave us an insight into the struggles of someone experiencing homelessness and let us understand a fraction of the challenges that clients may face in their recovery.

It was clear that St Mungo’s play a vital role in helping clients to achieve success. From providing accommodation to offering training, St Mungo’s Digital Inclusion Programme provides clients with better prospects. This can help to support clients as they prepare for the world of work, training or education.

We live and breathe our company values every day. It’s this kind of personal service that allows us to make positive impacts to society.

We care about having a positive long-term legacy. This means caring for the community, and improving livelihoods.

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