Recognising Neurodiversity this World Health Day

06 April 2023

World Health Day

To coincide with World Health Day (April 7 2023), we are launching a new policy on Neurodiversity, supporting the wellbeing of our workforce.
Around 15% to 20% of the population are considered to be neurodiverse. One of the conditions categorised as such is dyslexia, which approximately 5% to 10% of the global population has. Some 29% of those diagnosed with autism, also considered a neurodivergent condition, have no formal adjustments made at work, while only a similar proportion of the autistic population actually were in employment.

These figures suggest that there is a lack of inclusivity for neurodivergent people in companies, and perhaps little understanding from corporates to the needs of those with related conditions. Areas including environment, management and communication style are examples where adapting to assist people can be considered. A recent government review finding was published earlier this month, and our new policy aims to cater for this group of people so we are a truly inclusive place to work.

We live by our values, and those of being ‘caring’ and ‘respect for people’ are intrinsic to our new policy. To support, we have created and launched a new awareness video on our app-based training platform (image above) which aims to raise awareness of the range and the impact of neurodivergent conditions which our workforce could be affected by.

Sources: People Management

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