Take action! A look back on our Sustainability and Social Value Showcase

14 June 2024


This week we held our 2nd annual event with a focus on how we’re pushing the sustainability agenda within our operations and organisation culture.

A key part of this for us is how we can lead by example working together with clients and partners to improve livelihoods and decrease environmental harm.

Event headlines

During our event we looked at the following focus areas with key announcements as follows:

Carbon emission data by site now available for clients
  • As part of our Planet Mark certification we’ve been generating and collating large amounts of data, often not previously considered within our business. e.g. how much carbon is associated with us buying a flat mop or our employee commute to work? With this data we now have more knowledge and power than ever before and we are starting to use this to support our clients to make better choices around cleaning services, and products
  • From next month we’ll be sharing carbon site level emission data with our clients. This means they can better understand the value and drivers of building emissions and plug that into their wider carbon reporting, helping them better shape their NetZero journey and buying decisions accordingly

Putting people first delivers increased colleague satisfaction scores for us

Looking after our people means they’re better equipped to look after those they interact with at work – colleagues and customers alike. Their physical, financial and mental health are all drivers of their wellbeing, and we support each of these areas through our Uhub training platform and Regular Rewards, our colleague benefits portal.

  • Our recent colleague satisfaction survey yielded positive results. It told us
    • 95% of colleagues believe we demonstrate our values (+8% yoy)
    • 90% can be their self at work (+3% yoy)
    • 92% feel supported by their line manager (+12% yoy)
  • Our benefits package includes
    • a Virtual GP – providing 24/7 access to doctor services for all colleagues
    • access to a pay as you earn platform, to help our colleagues to avoid pay day loans
  • We continue to be a Recognised Service Provider for the Living Wage Foundation and are looking further into industry solutions with them to enhance colleague conditions around hours, pension and pay
    • Collaboration with clients has meant we’re able to support 85% of colleagues by paying them the Real Living Wage – currently £13.15/hour

We will launch ‘Better Choices’ in the coming months, a new programme to allow choice on a sustainable basis, not just a cost basis, for our clients
  • As part of our drive to be Net Zero, we are collating carbon emission data including that of our product range
  • Based on this data we can understand the emissions attached to the products we stock and are starting to analyze and present our product range based on ethical metrics – the cost to the planet, as well as financial ones – the cost to a budget
  • Our ‘Better Choices’ programme will use and pass this information on to our clients so they can make informed decisions about their business driven by their sustainability ambitions

Creating Social Impact in a way that matters locally to our clients
  • We want making a difference to peoples lives to be our lasting legacy, and we know it positively affects our colleagues, our clients and our partners too. Together, we have generated over £1million of social value in the last four years
  • We are going to work with our clients to find solutions to the problems that face people right in the heart of where we all live and work
  • We were inspired by how our relationship with St Mungo’s first began, through collaboration to solve a homelessness issue on our client’s doorstep

To find out more about our sustainability agenda and progress, you can email better.places@regularcleaning.com

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