Painting and Decorating for St Mungo’s

02 October 2023

Volunteers for Day of Painting
Small acts have a meaningful impact. We recently joined St Mungo’s for a day of painting and decorating at one of their centres.

A fresh lick of paint can transform a space. In September we participated in a day of painting and decorating with St Mungo’s. The aim was to freshen up a London assessment service.

St Mungo’s is one of the leading UK homelessness charities. Through our partnership we see just how much their work affects positive change. St Mungo’s provide support to those experiencing homelessness in a number of ways. These include accommodation, recovery centres, and services that offer help with healthcare and employment. These services often require upkeep and that’s where the help of volunteers comes in.

With the help of some of our friends at CBRE and St Mungo’s, we spent this day painting in an effort to freshen up this space. Our seven volunteers transformed the corridors to be bright, decorated and clean for clients to enjoy.

Small acts like this make a big difference for St Mungo’s services and clients. With these centres feeling improved and cared for, we know that this can have a huge impact on clients. This can further support well-being and help clients to feel safe and proud of where they live. As a vital part of our society, it’s important that these centres remain in a good condition.

A lot was achieved during this volunteering day, with some well deserved pizza topping off the afternoon for the volunteers and service staff to enjoy.

“Thank you all for your time and enthusiasm… Your work has already contributed to the service looking so much brighter and welcoming for our clients. Also, thanks for the pizzas”

A St Mungo’s Service Deputy Manager

We’ll be heading back to this assessment centre in the new year to freshen the space up further. This lets us continue this journey of improvement, and be a part of maintaining the centre’s clean environment.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work… the corridor looked amazing afterwards, and I can’t believe you had time to do the ceiling too – looked great! Large pieces of hands-on work, such as yesterday, would take one volunteer or member of staff a really long time. We rely on our amazing corporate volunteers to support us in the work we are unable to do individually.”

Eleonor Morphew, Corporate Volunteering Coordinator

This was a brilliant volunteering opportunity to be a part of, and we can’t wait to go back and help out even further!

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